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it started with a whisper
Flint Larson (the guy from that news paper). Born in London. School in New York
Suppose I better make the most of Highgate.
Photography and Swim Team.
(RP Account)

30 Days
are you planning to go see 'the beatles: the lost concert' film?
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I feel I’d be going against my heritage if I didn’t

Pink Sunset.

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"OOC: JUST GOING TO SOB OVER WHAT ONCE WAS" WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHAT ONCE WAS? O_____________________O tell me I'm over reacting... I actually felt shivers down my spine. w-wh-whaaaaa? *wibble*
ASKED BY paranoiao

Well, the RP is doing this reboot thing (my new account is flintxlarson btw) and it’s kind of a supernatural everyone’s being weird things (Flint is like a siren/nereid thing) and She didn’t like the idea at all so she deleted her Quinn account and then I said, we can still do flex on these accounts and use new one’s to see if you like the new idea and then she said the didn’t know and that she’d give me her answer ‘tomorrow’…tomorrow was Tuesday, she never came back. OTL *holds back sobs* So now I have no Alex but we have his profile up for a new person (who will hopefully come soon) and he’s a vampire  (but I’m still going to miss original Flex TT^TT) 

OOC: rdbrodbekdbdkd yes.
New Flint account